StoneHenge (Wet Plate)

Stonehenge. (Wet plate)

You’ve heard no doubt “Re-Work Wednesday”. Well this is “Try again Tuesday” This is a shot I took at Stonehenge in 2011. Taken with my Leica MP with a Nikkor 20mm mounted via a Novoflex LeiNik converter. I used Fuji Reala film and the basis of this shot is a 1 hour lab scan. I’ve used a wet plate filter in Analog Efex Pro to achieve the effect.

9 thoughts on “StoneHenge (Wet Plate)

  1. Though I have only a vague idea of the steps you took to achieve this look, it definitely was worth it. It’s very difficult to present an iconic place in a new way but you certainly have done so. Perfect!

  2. Love this and was just about to congratulate you for using an old process when I got to “Analog Efex Pro” ho well, it is still a really good interpretation of an oft badly photographed subject.
    Well made.


      1. I know that feeling – but in Oman, just getting film is now almost impossible, my list of things to do when I return to the UK for good, is getting very long!!

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