I got on the wrong side…

of the camera

I got on the wrong side of the camera.

I’m not sure if this was shot by the wife or my daughter. Still it looks like me :0)

I take tons of photos during the course of a year.Maybe not as many as a pro does but more than average (Unless we count teenagers with cell phones). My point is, do you like being photographed ? I’m not sure if I do not one on one anyway I don’t mind if I’m part of a group.

Share your thoughts.

Pull out all the stops

20121006-untitled shoot-2

Another “Try Again Tuesday” This from a trip to an abandoned Sanatorium here in Norway.

…fly away Peter…

20121006-untitled shoot

When I saw this dead bird the lines from the Nursery rhyme “Two little Dicky Birds” just came to me


20141010-untitled shoot

What makes me Happy Day 2:
It’s Friday,and It’s two O’clock PM. I’m finished work,and on my way to the gym. Flexi-Time makes me happy:0)
Have a great weekend people.

My Bike

20141009-untitled shoot

Yes I know it’s in Colour!!!

I was challenged by a mate on FB to post things that make me happy the next five days . I took this today with my iPhone4s. I liked it so much I thought I’s share it with you. It’s of my old war horse of a bike I have owned and ridden since the late 90’s. We’ve covered many Kilometres of tarmac together including 3 of the 4 Trondheim to Oslo rides (540 KM’s) I have completed. in addition  all the training rides and smaller tour rides. Now I just use it to cycle the 36 kms back and forth to work. Today in the rain both ways .

This bike make me happy.

StoneHenge (Wet Plate)

Stonehenge. (Wet plate)

You’ve heard no doubt “Re-Work Wednesday”. Well this is “Try again Tuesday” This is a shot I took at Stonehenge in 2011. Taken with my Leica MP with a Nikkor 20mm mounted via a Novoflex LeiNik converter. I used Fuji Reala film and the basis of this shot is a 1 hour lab scan. I’ve used a wet plate filter in Analog Efex Pro to achieve the effect.

Six-Pack Dreams

I Just thought I’d share last weeks contribution on Monochromia with you.


20140920-untitled shoot-6-Edit-Edit

I’ve tried a little humour for this weeks post. My previous shots have been a little on the darker side. This shot is cropped on the righthand side I once read somewhere that if it is cropped it’s not a street shot. I don’t abide by such rules, It’s my image I’ll do as I please. I Still I think it made for a nice shot and tells a story. What do you think?

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Modern Talking

Modern Talking

Taken on a visit to the local town