Hello again.

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I’ve been away from my blog for a long time. Time,work and other interests have eaten into the time I had.  I have however posted once a week to the wonderful Monchromia blog. If you haven’t found it yet follow the link. There are many talented photographers there. It’s all run by the nicest man I’ve never met Joe.

My interests lie mostly in film photography but digital has its place. I shot mostly to convert to black and white as that is what I understand best. you’ll find splashes of colour here but not many.

My aim is at least to post once a week or more. so see out there…

StoneHenge (Wet Plate)

Stonehenge. (Wet plate)

You’ve heard no doubt “Re-Work Wednesday”. Well this is “Try again Tuesday” This is a shot I took at Stonehenge in 2011. Taken with my Leica MP with a Nikkor 20mm mounted via a Novoflex LeiNik converter. I used Fuji Reala film and the basis of this shot is a 1 hour lab scan. I’ve used a wet plate filter in Analog Efex Pro to achieve the effect.

Go Rhinos: Wonderland

Go Rhinos: Wonderland by Davidap2009
Go Rhinos: Wonderland, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

By Sian Storey

Go Rhinos : Mrs Hearty

Go Rhinos : Mrs Hearty by Davidap2009
Go Rhinos : Mrs Hearty, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

“Mrs Hearty’s” design was initially inspired by Minky’s artistry in painting Wessex Heartbeat’s little rhino, “Hearty”. The student artists were keen to show synergy between the two rhinos, but also wanted to meld the colour and feel of the African origins of rhinoceros.

Go Rhinos : Seymour

Go Rhinos : Seymour by Davidap2009
Go Rhinos : Seymour, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

“The design is based on the protective clothing that must be worn when carrying out highway maintenance, construction. The the bright yellow material will act as a highlight drawing attention to the “zero harm” logo that Balfour Beatty Living Places use on work jackets. This idea draws upon a sculpture I made some years ago when I designed and made clothing for several large trees as part of a fashion show, held in the centre of Southampton.” – David McDiarmid

Vandals had already stolen his hard hat when I took this . I wish people would leave things alone.

Walking with Rhinos: Where’s Ralph

Go Rhinos .“Where’s Ralph?” pays homage to Marwell’s international star – Ralph the Humboldt penguin. Every year Ralph loses his feathers faster than the other penguins, leaving him exposed to the elements. The team at O’Neill heard about Ralph’s plight and offered to create a special custom made wetsuit that was perfect for the little penguin. You can meet Ralph in person at Marwell Zoo but see if you can find him on this rhino.

Go Rhinos:Augustus

Go Rhinos:Augustus by Davidap2009
Go Rhinos:Augustus, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

‘Augustus, was designed and painted by four of our very talented art students. Maddy Carter, Lauren Cron, Becky Feltham and Sophie Milner, all 18, and all studying art courses at the college, entered a competition to design the rhino.’

for this shot I converted to Black and white I then used Apertures “Brush away Black and White” function. It works just like History Brush in PS.

Go Rhinos: Beauty and the Beast

About ‘Beauty and The Beast’:

A powerful creature adorned with Fragile birds.

Go Rhinos:Beatrix

Go Rhinos: Beatrix

About ‘Beatrix’:

Stewart is well known amongst his peers for being fanatical about colour so came up with a design that tapped into this obsession. Stewart thought that the best way to provide the greatest colour range was through the use of a spectrum, applying a grid to the rhino and then each division could be a unique shade to create a mosaic style effect.

Go Rhinos: Planet Rhino

Go Rhinos: Planet Rhino.

About ‘Planet Rhino’:

Welcome to Planet Rhino – an unusually shaped rock situated in the solar system, just off the edge of the Milky Way. Sam’s version of a serene, harmonious world depicted using her vibrant, eccentric colour pallet and chaotic patterns.