Ypsilon Bridge

Ypsilon Bridge by Davidap2009
Ypsilon Bridge, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

The wonderful Ypsilon Bridge in Drammen my local town.

Walking The River

Walking The River by Davidap2009
Walking The River, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

I helps to remember your SD cards when going for a walk. This time I did just that.
This is a hip shot . I left the crazy angle in.I think it lends a little to the dynamic of the shot. I tried to straighten the image it just looked too ordinary.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter by Davidap2009
Happy Easter, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

Happy Easter to all my followers

Stupid ,Stupid,Stupid!


Ok, lets get this out of the way. I went to Oslo today together with my family. Everything was going well until I wanted to take a picture with my Nikon D800.I composed and took my shot only to see “sample image” come up on the screen. I popped the SD slot cover and you guessed it No cards. I said a few choice words and put the large paperweight I was now carrying back in my backpack. Buying a new SD card was out,I have several at home and to be honest wanted to use my cash on other things today. Luckily I had my Leica MP with me so I did take a couple of shots but they aren’t in the soup as yet.

Next I was in a well known camera shop in Oslo and an America woman spoke to me She had drawn a self portrait on a Wacom tablet and was very pleased with the result. She looked familiar as did the Danish Gentleman she was with. After congratulating her on the result and moving on it suddenly dawned on me it was Joy Villa and Thorsten Overgaard. Joy is modelling for Thorsten at present I believe. I didn’t get to speak to Thorsten . It would have been nice just to say hello and tell him I like his work….. Blast it it’s been an awful day Photographically.

PS. I hope yours has been better.

How To Make a Haggis

Thats right it says “Make a Haggis” because as any self respecting Scot will tell you nothing tastes better than those that are caught in the highlands when in season. At all other times you have to make do with factory farmed imitations. Still you can get very near the taste of the real thing if you find the right s and someone who knows how to put them together.

So here goes.

1. Find yourself a tame master chef that has an over the average interest in Scottish culture:


2. Hopefully Nr 1. Has a kitchen big enough


3. Invite friends and make sure there is plenty of Whisky at hand.


4. Get Chef (Nr 1) to explain what to do while not trying to look too sceptical.


5. Try not to laugh when The chef is talking.


6. Try not to look too horrified . More whisky can be used to calm first time nerves.


7. Quality control is of utmost importance


8. Things go a lot quicker with friends on hand.


9. Add salt and seasoning. to the mix.



10. Toast your oats.


11. Add these to the mix together with some liquid stock.


12. Get a New Zealander to test the consistency before steaming.


13. Get congratulated on a job well done.


14. Cook for 40 mins and enjoy in the company of good friends and Whisky.


And there you have it . Don’t try this at home :0) Have a great weekend.

Mr Espen Welin-Larsen

Mr Espen Welin-Larsen by Davidap2009
Mr Espen Welin-Larsen, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

Meet Espen allround good chap with his own Catering company.
I took this while attending a Haggis Workshop. Don’t snigger! It’s true. I spent a pleasant evening up to my elbows in hearts,oats and kidneys, Not to mention Whisky.

Drawing Stonehenge

Drawing Stonehenge by Davidap2009
Drawing Stonehenge, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

Two years ago I visited Stonehenge. I’ve been there many times. I used to go to school in the local village way back in the 70’s. If you visit during normal hours it’s difficult to get shots without people in them. In this case I decided to make at least one part of the composition. I noticed an Artist drawing the Henge. So with my 20mm Nikkor on my Leica MP I took this

The morning crossword

The morning crossword by Davidap2009
The morning crossword, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

Todays Shot shows that you don’t have to travel any great distance to get a great shot. I took this at the kitchen table. My wife doing the crossword. What makes this shot for me is the light and the slight movement as she raises the mug.
The everyday occurrences become art (If you will excuse the pretentiousness)




You’ve got one. I’m sure you have. That’s right, that list of cameras and equipment that you have lying in a draw or, filed away in the dusty corner of your mind. I read somewhere that no self respecting blog should be without a list, and after an exchange of comments with Simon Hawketts the other day I have decided to offer up mine to ridicule and amusement for the camera-wielding masses whomever you may be.

 Let me just say that the list is dynamic it’s either growing or I change my mind. There is no 1st choice. The order is random, just as they came to me while writing this post so here goes

 1.    Olympus OM 1 (Black).

Two reasons,for this One It was one of the first SLR’s I ever held in my hands. Secondly Just look at any of the portraits by Jane Bown.

 2.    Nikon F3/T Champagne.

I just want one I’ve always liked the F3 there is just something about it This one is in Champagne.

 3.    Leica M Monochrom

Why in all the world would I want an insanely expensive camera that can only take black and white shots? I must want my head testing. I still want one. Please send dona…Only joking ;0)

 4.    Hasselblad Xpan II

I’ve always wanted one. I’ve seen some great portraits taken with this camera.

 5.    Pentax 67

The wedding Photographers go to camera of the 70’s and 80’s. Love the oversized SLR look and that wooden handle…

 6.    The Hasselblad EDC (That’s the Moon Camera)

If it was good enough for Neil and Buzz then… what am I saying I’ve only seen one in a museum and will never own one. Unless I win a lottery or some such. I do own a 203FE so if I close my eyes I can pretend I am an astronaut  :0)

 7.    Leica M9 P (Black Paint)

This would be My MP’s companion just digital.

 8.    Mamiya 7II

I should have written Mamiya 6. I remember reading about and,seeing a 6 many years ago and never forgot it’s overgrown rangefinder look.

 9.    Nikon D4

I almost bought one. I just went for the D800 instead.

10.   Zero Image 6x9MF  Deluxe

I’d love a pinhole camera .These wooden beauties would fit the bill nicely

 So there we have it. Please feel free to post your own list in the comments section. It’s always fun to read other peoples views.

Thanks for your time.

David :0)