Doing the Twist

One of my fav shots from last summers lockdown summer holiday. It’s an art gallery not far from my home. I had to photoshop out the crowds and a large crane over the trees but overall not a bad result.

Hello again

I must admit it has been a while since I last posted anything here. However there are too many reasons to go into at this time.The main thing is I will try and post at least one shot a week for you to see. Like this one taken at an art gallery not too far from where I live. The camera was very new at the time and this is the one shot that convinced me that my decision was the right one,

The work is called Silent Studio the artist is Mark Manders

Nikon Z6
Nikkor Z 24-70 F/4.0

Guided Tour

20140624-untitled shoot-102-Edit-Edit

I’m back. I’ve been on my holidays . I have had a couple of weeks in Greece  together with my family. However that isn’t so blog relevant. I thought I’d pick up where I left off which was at the National museum in Amsterdam. This shot and the previous in the series were taken on the last 20 mins of opening time .That’s all I had left by the time I’d got there from  the Leica Pop-Up store. Still It will not be my last visit to Amsterdam I’m sure.

Girl in the Gallery

Girl in the Gallery

The Night watch Explained

Nightwatch explained


This little girl explains the Nightwatch to her disbelieving companion.

De Staalmeesters

De Staalmeesters


People in galleries facinate me just as much as the paintings themselves.What struck me when I first saw this shot of De Staalmeesters painted by Rembrandt in 1662 was “what if the people in the painting could talk?” What would they be saying? I’ll leave that to you dear reader :0)