Go Rhinos: Glint


This rhino is inspired by reflection and light. The horn is covered in crystals to symbolise the value of the rhino to its main predator, the human, but it also highlights that it’s precious and we should protect it. The mirrors will reflect all of the surroundings and have a strong visual impact wherever it is placed.

Go Rhinos: RhinOSeros

The Ordanace Survey (The UK’s mapmakers) lie in Southampton. This is their Rhino.

Go Rhinos: Reveal

Go Rhinos: Reveal

Southampton has been invaded by brightly coloured Rhinos as part of an Urban Art project. I went on safari to find some. Find out more here

Rotterdam:Stern Looks

Rotterdam: Stern Looks

The SS Rotterdam (Our hotel that weekend.) This shot taken while waiting for a water taxi into the city.

Rotterdam: Splash tours

Rotterdam. Splashtours

I’d seen that the splashtours bus came ashore right by the SS Rotterdam. I snapped this as it came ashore. A strange and wonderful way to see Rotterdam. PP in Photoshop CC and Color eFex pro 4 (Pre-Google).

Rotterdam By the Holland America Lijn Building

Rotterdam: A Van Hoboken

Rotterdam: A Van Hoboken by Davidap2009
Rotterdam: A Van Hoboken, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

Rotterdam Harbour III Doggersbank.

With SS Rotterdam (Our hotel) in the background.

Rotterdam Harbour II

Rotterdam Harbour II by Davidap2009
Rotterdam Harbour II, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

SS Rotterdam (Now a hotel) can be seen to the left in this shot.