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A rare outing in colour . I liked this shot so much in colour I printed it our in A3+. I have used Niks Colour Efex Pro 2 and a little LR . I hope you like it click on it to see it a little larger.

Turf Drying Shed II

Turf Drying Shed II

This is a long partially collapsed structure with an iron or steel sheeted roof.Here the Turf was laid out for drying.You can still see the wires that run back and forth along the whole length of the shed. As far as I know the turf wasn’t used for fuel like in Ireland but may have been used for roofing and the like. I’ll have to find more .
This shot was taken using the built-in flash on the D800. Keen eyes will notice the lens shadow from the 16.35 mm I was using at the time.

Turf Drying Shed

Turf Drying Shed

We stopped for coffee by an old abandoned turf drying shed part of what may have been a hand haul rail system was still visible.

This was shot on Rollei RPX 100 which I stand developed in Adox Adonal 1:100 for 60 minutes @20°C Inversions for the first minute then 1 at the half-way point.

Don’t Drink And Drive!!

Don't Drink And Drive!! by Davidap2009
Don’t Drink And Drive!!, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

Going Green

Going Green by Davidap2009
Going Green, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

Nature takes over.Notice how the cars each side are sinking slowly into the ground

The Car Park Time Forgot

The Car Park Time Forgot by Davidap2009
The Car Park Time Forgot, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

Stretching into the distance these cars wait patiently for their owners that never return.

End Of The Road.

End Of The Road. by Davidap2009
End Of The Road., a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

That’s  appropriately what this filter effect in HDR Efex pro is called.I first converted to B&W and did a sweep with the history brush in PS CC before firing up HDR Efex pro


Rusty by Davidap2009
Rusty, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

One that got away from the series I did last year. This time I used HDR effects pro (Pre-Google). and a little PS. This is what happens when I push the sliders around to see what happens

My Most Popular 2013

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My Most Popular 2013, a set on Flickr.

This post is all about my most popular shots from 2013. To do this (I could never pick 100 on my own)I have relied on a set generator from dopiaza of my shots uploaded to Flickr in 2013.
Enjoy its top 100 picks.