Aperture is Dead.



So the answer is now clear Aperture is a dying product. Apple, have officially said that it will no longer develop it further. This means I’ve waited in vain for the improvements that Lightroom users have. Like lens profiles for one. Aperture is no longer the cool kid on the block.

I felt let down in a big way. When I think that I have paid good money for a professional software and some plug-ins that will no longer be improved. No one knows what the replacement will actually be like. Just my guess ,but knowing Apple it will be a consumer level product not geared to the enthusiast.Thanks Tim!

However I do have Lightroom. It came along with the package when I subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud. I use it too, well not all of it just the printer module, which I find very easy to use since I took a course when I purchased my Epson printer. It’s just the rest of it that I’ve never quite got the hang of. Aperture was so much better at that. You just import and they are stored in some magic Apple way. Some people see this as a weak point. I’m not interested in fiddling around with the pictures I import when they a quite happy sitting in whatever form they do in the picture package. They are there in Aperture waiting for me.

Lightroom is another kettle of fish that I haven’t got my head around its storage methods as yet. However now it seems I’m going to have to start to try and understand, and work at it, (Maybe Adobe will too ;0) if I want a picture editor that is updated on a regular basis. Hopefully someone maybe even Apple will produce a plug-in that will enable a painless transfer form Aperture to Lightroom.  I’ll use both,but mainly Lightroom from today even though the storage system is no way as elegant as Apples, and the ability to share is very clunky I’ll get used to it I’m sure.Or maybe Adobe will fix it?

So let the challenge commence … Or I could try this :0)


Finally Have any of you  readers jumped ship before this ? What were your biggest challenges? Let me know in the comments .

Thanks for stopping by…David.