Stupid ,Stupid,Stupid!


Ok, lets get this out of the way. I went to Oslo today together with my family. Everything was going well until I wanted to take a picture with my Nikon D800.I composed and took my shot only to see “sample image” come up on the screen. I popped the SD slot cover and you guessed it No cards. I said a few choice words and put the large paperweight I was now carrying back in my backpack. Buying a new SD card was out,I have several at home and to be honest wanted to use my cash on other things today. Luckily I had my Leica MP with me so I did take a couple of shots but they aren’t in the soup as yet.

Next I was in a well known camera shop in Oslo and an America woman spoke to me She had drawn a self portrait on a Wacom tablet and was very pleased with the result. She looked familiar as did the Danish Gentleman she was with. After congratulating her on the result and moving on it suddenly dawned on me it was Joy Villa and Thorsten Overgaard. Joy is modelling for Thorsten at present I believe. I didn’t get to speak to Thorsten . It would have been nice just to say hello and tell him I like his work….. Blast it it’s been an awful day Photographically.

PS. I hope yours has been better.

3 thoughts on “Stupid ,Stupid,Stupid!

  1. Don’t you just hate missed opportunities. You seem to have had more than your fair share on this particular day. BUT I doubt that you’ll repeat the missing SDCard again.

    1. Thanks. I have an extra now just in case :0) The other bit of back luck I have to chalk up to experience.As you know experience is what you get when things don’t go your way :0)

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