How To Make a Haggis

Thats right it says “Make a Haggis” because as any self respecting Scot will tell you nothing tastes better than those that are caught in the highlands when in season. At all other times you have to make do with factory farmed imitations. Still you can get very near the taste of the real thing if you find the right s and someone who knows how to put them together.

So here goes.

1. Find yourself a tame master chef that has an over the average interest in Scottish culture:


2. Hopefully Nr 1. Has a kitchen big enough


3. Invite friends and make sure there is plenty of Whisky at hand.


4. Get Chef (Nr 1) to explain what to do while not trying to look too sceptical.


5. Try not to laugh when The chef is talking.


6. Try not to look too horrified . More whisky can be used to calm first time nerves.


7. Quality control is of utmost importance


8. Things go a lot quicker with friends on hand.


9. Add salt and seasoning. to the mix.



10. Toast your oats.


11. Add these to the mix together with some liquid stock.


12. Get a New Zealander to test the consistency before steaming.


13. Get congratulated on a job well done.


14. Cook for 40 mins and enjoy in the company of good friends and Whisky.


And there you have it . Don’t try this at home :0) Have a great weekend.

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