Tales From the Kitchen Sink.

Meet my big sister … She’s not that big just a bit older (Blimey am I in trouble).
I thought I’d share this shot. It has a story to it like all other shots we, as hobby photographers take. However it’s about the film, and not my sister.

This was the first roll of film that I’d ever shot with a Leica. I was all excited to get my first roll of Ilford XP2 to the lab (45 mins service) and see the results I managed to get with this legend of a camera.

Being a Leica novice at the time, I thought that I had rewound the film completely. I was wrong. When I removed the base of my MP, I saw some of the film still around the take-up spool. I said a few words not repeatable here and wound the film off,and threw it in my bag and forgot about it for months.

A few months later I was emptying out my bag when this film rolled out and lay on the floor. Well long story short, I got it developed. Lets just say I had a few surprises in store. The film is grainy, and there are lots of light leaks . But to my eyes there were a couple of gems on that forgotten roll.
This is one of them, and is my favorite shot of my sister.

Motto: Love your mistakes :0)

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