Torolf and Marit II

Torolf and Marit II by Davidap2009
Torolf and Marit II, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

It didn’t take long before they started clowning around. They were a lot of fun to shoot.

From Previous shots
It’s been a busy week on the work and personal front this week so I haven’t had much chance to write much .I would, however like to share this with you all.
On Sunday at a family party I had the pleasure of meeting and having the chance to photograph Torolf Nordbø and his wife Marit. For you non-Norwegians Torolf is best known for his comedy revue work and his music. They have kindly allowed me to publish a couple of the pictures I took of them, and I have linked to a music video starring Torolf ,and well-know Norwegian singer songwriter Rita Eriksen
A big thanks to Torolf and, Marit for being such great sports.

Enjoy the video
Marit is involved in children’s Theatre and story telling and,in all forms of visual communication .
Marits Homepage (Norwegian)…

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