Emily (Niess Portrait)

No, the title isn’t a mistake. Let me explain. I have some under used Hasselblad lenses. I know it’s a shame. They just don’t get used and have been idle for a while. My all time favorite lens, the one I’d like if I only could have one lens is the Carl Zeiss 110mm f2.0 FE. I want to use it a lot more than I do of late. This leads me to the heart f the matter.

While on holiday I purchased a Hasselblad to Nikon adapter (Fotodiox) through Amazon UK so I could get more use from the glass I have. This wonderful piece of engineering (Comes complete in a faux velvet bag.) turns my Nikon D800 into a digital Frankenstein of a camera. Big and, rather odd-looking. I was worried about the strain on the lens mount but the combo doesn’t weigh a lot more compared with the 24-70 I have on the body usually. I haven’t seen or felt any problems as yet. The adapter comes with a tripod mount I however have only used the combination handheld.

The Carl Zeiss 110 f2.0 mounted on my D800 via the Fotodiox adapter.
The Carl Zeiss 110 f2.0 mounted on my D800 via the Fotodiox adapter.

I set up the lens in the onboard database for non-CPU lenses the nearest focal length was 135mm. This helps the camera with light measurement and aperture value. Well it would if there was a mechanical aperture connection between adapter, and body, which there isn’t so I’m not sure if there is a point.

Stop down the lens to meter you have focus confirmation if needed in the viewfinder. And take your shot.

But that’s enough talk. Here is what you get.

Niess Portrait

This is a quick shot I took of my daughter before she went skateboarding.

This has just been converted to black and white with just a little vignette  added. Remember this was handheld.

5 thoughts on “Emily (Niess Portrait)

  1. Wow! I only have one Zeiss lens, a 50 f/1.4. I love it and would love to get a couple more (like the 21 mm.). But the budget won’t stretch that far. Good luck with it.

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