Film is Dead…Long Live Film!

It’s very rare that I Re-Blog others work and thoughts . However I read this today I thought I’d share this with you dear followers. Now I haven’t personally sold a very expensive Leica and purchased an MP. I purchased one for some of the very same reasons given in the article. However I do own a Nikon DSLR. But it’s my analog kit That works for me. Lets hear you thoughts.
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Why would any sane person move from digital photography back to film?  We’ve all heard it, “film is dead, nobody shoots analog anymore…the whole world has moved to digital!”

I was listening to a very popular photography podcast this past weekend in which the host jokingly said that there are probably only a thousand or so film shooters left on the planet.  It was a joke but it hit a nerve because I’m a committed film photographer and I know there are many, many thousands of us who love to shoot with film.  Granted, film will never be the dominant medium it once was but its going to be around for a long time. I’m glad to be part of the (Leica) film community.

Allow me to lay out some of the very personal reasons I moved to film from digital.  The reasons laid out here are mine of course. …

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2 thoughts on “Film is Dead…Long Live Film!

  1. Excellent piece of writing. Thank you for sharing.
    I have often considered dumping digital and moving solely into film – or at least partially. I’m not sure I could entirely give up digital as I love the immediate results it gives me. On the other hand, I feel so much closer and engaged with my subject when using a film camera – it definitely is special.

  2. Wonderful post-thank you for sharing that. There is a special relationship between film, the camera and the photographer-I agree it engages you in a way that digital does not always do-right now, I am moving back slowly into Polaroid cameras and instant film-perhaps a happy compromise?

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