At an Exhibition

With lockdown easing here in Norway it was possible to attend an exhibition of treasures loaned to a local gallery by the closed National Gallery. There were some real Norwegian treasures to look at. A great day out.

Leica Q2 Monochrom
ISO 3200
PP in Capture One (Yes. I’m trying out new Software. I’ve always missed Aperture and never felt totally at home in LR). Why did Apple give up on it?  So, Tim Cooke when you read this, as I’m sure you do each week you will know my pain 😊

2 thoughts on “At an Exhibition

  1. picture, and it’s nice to see art close up too. We’ve not been to a gallery for ages. LR was OK, but seems to be getting bloated with too many features.,

    1. Thanks Dave. I totally agree. LR was the only real alternative when Apple stopped Aperture. There is a lot in Capture one that reminds me of Aperture. I especially like the way it renders Nikon Raw files and the export recipe function is great. You can export a shot in different formats all at once just by clicking a button.

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