The Shape of things to come.

The Shape of things to come.

I’ve been under the weather this past week and I’m just getting back in my stride again. One of the things I did before I was swept away by bronchitis was order som Adox CMS20. A film I have wondered about for sometime. A 20 ASA film which judging by the results Ive seen others produce is best exposed and 16 asa or below. Special developer, and only a few seconds fixing.Sounds like a challenge.

3 thoughts on “The Shape of things to come.

    1. It was a bit . But its cheaper than a lot of things.BTW there is 5 rolls 135 and 10 120 rolls in the box. Plus two bottles of developer.

      1. I was looking at them the other day. It is on the shopping list if I ever forked out any money. I did love their chs25. And your cms should even be better.

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