Emily 16.2

Emily16.1 (2)
Emily 16.2, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

Here’s another shot from the same roll. This time a little more high key. I used the same method with Adox adonal as my last shot.

I developed my film as follows at 20°C:-
Adox Adonol 1:100 (That’s 495mls water to 5 ml Adonal)
Inversions for the first minute. Then left to stand 29 mins then 3 more inversions and left to stand for a further 30mins. Stopped with water for one minute inversions constantly and then Fixed 5mins (T-Max fixer)and washed for 10mins.

If anyone is reading this and wondering about using 120 film, let me just say that 120 roll film is a joy to work with. 12 shots on a roll suits me in addition to my mind it’s a lot less of a fiddle to load a tank with.I have never had any trouble with jamming a reel, then having to start again in the dark. So go and try some :0)

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