Dark Knights, White Knight

Dark Knights, White Knight by Davidap2009
Dark Knights, White Knight, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

The Household Cavalry. By angling the camera and using a shallow DOF I got this wonderful selective focus effect that I wanted. Recipe and equipment used is identical to the others in this series.

Rollei 80s stand developed in Caffenol for 50 mins at 20℃
with agitation for only the first minute and then left to rest in a water bath for 49mins.

Here’s the Recipe
Make one litre
Washing soda (Stabil) 16gr/l
Vitamin C (Santa maria) 10 gr/l
Potassium Bromide 1gr/l
Instant Coffee 40gr/l
Inversions for the 1st minute and then left to stand for 49mins
Stop and fix as usual
More details on Caffenol here

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