I got on the wrong side…

of the camera

I got on the wrong side of the camera.

I’m not sure if this was shot by the wife or my daughter. Still it looks like me :0)

I take tons of photos during the course of a year.Maybe not as many as a pro does but more than average (Unless we count teenagers with cell phones). My point is, do you like being photographed ? I’m not sure if I do not one on one anyway I don’t mind if I’m part of a group.

Share your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “I got on the wrong side…

  1. I do not like being photograph but the difference I would say, I do not like to stop and be photograph but I have absolutely have no problem to be photograph if I am on my bicycle or doing another activity. If you ask me please stop so I can take your photo, then I will give you the WTF look

  2. I feel far more comfortable behind the camera than in front. I’ve never much liked the photos taken of me. I do selfies using some of my old cameras, but those are more about the camera than me.

  3. You could have at least put a shirt on! 🙂 Neither my wife nor I like having our pictures taken. Hence my gravatar. When we got married we did not hire a pro photographer. I took the pictures myself! It was a rather casual affair. We wrote our own vows and I embarrassed myself by crying in the middle of them. But there is no visual proof!

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