Hello again.

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I’ve been away from my blog for a long time. Time,work and other interests have eaten into the time I had.  I have however posted once a week to the wonderful Monchromia blog. If you haven’t found it yet follow the link. There are many talented photographers there. It’s all run by the nicest man I’ve never met Joe.

My interests lie mostly in film photography but digital has its place. I shot mostly to convert to black and white as that is what I understand best. you’ll find splashes of colour here but not many.

My aim is at least to post once a week or more. so see out there…


20151031-untitled shoot-259-Edit

I’ve been woking a little with colour this past few months. I’m not really at home with it as yet, although some shots like this one seem to benefit from from it. I’ll leave it you you the viewer to judge.


20151031-untitled shoot-59-Edit-Edit

A rare outing in colour . I liked this shot so much in colour I printed it our in A3+. I have used Niks Colour Efex Pro 2 and a little LR . I hope you like it click on it to see it a little larger.

MG in the Woods

20151031-untitled shoot-80-Edit

 I weep a little every time I see this classic sticking out from under the trees and bushes. For those that are wondering, it is an MG Magnette.

This last summer I got to see a fully restored one at a country show. The owner told me that in the sixties they were often used as stock cars as they were powerful and sturdy. Many were just raced and wrecked so there aren’t too many in good condition any more.

This is a fairly straight shot with only black and white conversion. It has an almost 3D effect in my opinion.


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20150331-untitled shoot-3-Edit-Edit

This is a shot from my Gustav Vigeland series. To learn more about the man and his work you can go here. To see some more from my previous visits to Frognerparken and the Vigeland museum you can go here

This was taken with my Leica M9P and Summicron 90mm f/2 Apsh

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20150331-untitled shoot-5-Edit-Edit

Yesterday I took a photgraphic safari in Frognerparken in Oslo. The titles are my own and are based on my first reaction when seeing the statues.