Go Rhinos: Beauty and the Beast

About ‘Beauty and The Beast’:

A powerful creature adorned with Fragile birds.

Go Rhinos:Flossy

Go Rhinos:Flossy by Davidap2009
Go Rhinos:Flossy, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

About “Flossy”:

With such big teeth it must be problematic getting a toothache when you’re a rhino. Just as well there’s a dental nurse in town!

Go Rhinos:Beatrix

Go Rhinos: Beatrix

About ‘Beatrix’:

Stewart is well known amongst his peers for being fanatical about colour so came up with a design that tapped into this obsession. Stewart thought that the best way to provide the greatest colour range was through the use of a spectrum, applying a grid to the rhino and then each division could be a unique shade to create a mosaic style effect.

Go Rhinos: Planet Rhino

Go Rhinos: Planet Rhino.

About ‘Planet Rhino’:

Welcome to Planet Rhino – an unusually shaped rock situated in the solar system, just off the edge of the Milky Way. Sam’s version of a serene, harmonious world depicted using her vibrant, eccentric colour pallet and chaotic patterns.

Go Rhinos: Rafiki

Go Rhinos:Rafiki

About “Rafiki”:

Sam Pierpoint was commissioned to create a design based on many of the iconic shows that have visited The Mayflower over the past 25 years. The theatre wanted their design to not only be thought provoking and reflect what they are about but also to inspire adults and children alike to engage and have fun with it! So how many shows can you spot on “Rafiki”?

Go Rhinos: Reginald

Go Rhinos:Reginald

“Named after Reginald J Mitchell, designer of the Supermarine Spitfire, this Rhino is intended to celebrate the most iconic and important single seat fighter of World War II. The Spitfire took its first test flight at Eastleigh Aerodrome during March 1936 and the first production fighters were built for the RAF at the Supermarine factory at Woolston, Southampton.” – Damien Jeffery

Go Rhinos: Glint


This rhino is inspired by reflection and light. The horn is covered in crystals to symbolise the value of the rhino to its main predator, the human, but it also highlights that it’s precious and we should protect it. The mirrors will reflect all of the surroundings and have a strong visual impact wherever it is placed.

Go Rhinos: Reveal

Go Rhinos: Reveal

Southampton has been invaded by brightly coloured Rhinos as part of an Urban Art project. I went on safari to find some. Find out more here