The Boss

The Boss

A snap of our Hotel owner he sat in reception and made sure we learned some rudimentary Greek, and showed us how to dance Greek style.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Go out in the Midday sun…as the song goes. However it was so hot even the mad dogs had given up the ghost…which just left the Englishman.

Talking to the Priest

Talking to the Priest


Another from my wander around the streets of Chios town. While the rest of the family dive into the shops, I stayed outside, and watched life happen around me.

Like this example .The expression on that womans face while she talks to the local priest is priceless .

Down on the street

Down on the street

Another from Chios town. This shopkeeper was sorting bags of what looked like millet seeds. While I watched him this old guy wandered into the shot.

Daily Bread

Daily Bread

I saw this old lady collect her bread from a van which has just driven off. She shouted what sounded like some encouragement to the lad washing his jeep.

The sun caught her shoulder just as I pressed the shutter. That made the shot for me.

The Happy Fisherman

The Happy Fisherman

I wandered around the little village I was staying in on my holidays. This Fisherman was mending his nets in the shade. I pointed to my camera and he smiled and invited me to take a couple of pictures. Here is one of them.