…now hold still

A candid snapshot of a mother drawing a Shamrock on her daughters face in preparation for the St.Patrick’s day parade.
Leica Q2 Monochrom
pp. CaptureOne 23

Don’t ask me.

20140621-untitled shoot-2-Edit

Apart from fill petrol I have no idea what these guys were up to. This car look barely legal. :0)

Telephone Man


…sign of the times. It’s happening on a street near you as you read this . “Other peoples lives”

…and she waved goodbye


Down on the street

Down on the street

Another from Chios town. This shopkeeper was sorting bags of what looked like millet seeds. While I watched him this old guy wandered into the shot.


Take a Picture.


It always amazes me how people look when taking pictures.They look frozen while dancing.

Bearded Man

Beard of the Day


Among all the tourist magnets there are in Brussels I was more taken by this chaps beard. Impressive don’t you think.