Dr. Bones

Dr. Bones

Part of a shop display I walked past in Oslo yesterday.

Turf Drying Shed II

Turf Drying Shed II

This is a long partially collapsed structure with an iron or steel sheeted roof.Here the Turf was laid out for drying.You can still see the wires that run back and forth along the whole length of the shed. As far as I know the turf wasn’t used for fuel like in Ireland but may have been used for roofing and the like. I’ll have to find more .
This shot was taken using the built-in flash on the D800. Keen eyes will notice the lens shadow from the 16.35 mm I was using at the time.

Walking The Dog

Walking The Dog

Last weekend I went on a long walk with two mates and their dogs. I borrowed one of them to tow me around for most of the day. A fun experience for us both, I hope. I do miss having my own dog as growing up we always had one.

Mobile Man and the Three Blondes

Mobile Man and the Three Blondes

…all waiting for the tram.

#19 in “Colour”

This is a re-visit of yesterdays shot . I used selective colouring and some filters in HDR Efex. I liked this one so much I thought I’d share it.

Play that funky music…

Play that funky music…

Something completely different a little Oslo Street fun. Taken while on my way to a meeting. With my D800 and 50mm f1.8 D lens. PS. Did I mention that I think every photographer should have a fast 50.