The Norwegian Tempo Club III

I was asked to take a couple of shots of some colleagues on one of their annual outings with the Norsk Tempo Klubb
The Tempo is a Norwegian moped from around the 60’s.
This shot (my personal favourite from this quick shoot)was taken using my 1958 Yashica-C TLR  from the same period as the mopeds (And some of the owners) What supprised me was the amount Of fine detail there is in this shot. The film I used was  Kodak T-max  100 asa which I developed in Caffenol -C with a reduced soda recipe using only 40g per litre instead of 54g. for 14mins at 20℃. The negatives were scanned on my Epson V700 using Silverfast SW.

I’m planning a page to explain for beginners how to use Caffenol. There are many fine sites on the web but this will be a basic “How I did it” article. So stay tuned

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