Worldwide Pinhole Day Balls of Steel

Worldwide Pinhole Day Balls of Steel

Here is my last shot from Worldwide Pinhole day. This time I really got some “Lens flare”, if you can call a little hole a lens. As you can see the sun shone at an angle to the camera and there is some internal reflections going on. Gave a strange effect I wasn’t expecting.

Worldwide Pinhole Day:Ypsilon Bridge

Worldwide Pinhole Day:Ypsilon Bridge

WWPHD was a wonderful sunny one. I was down to 6-7 second exposure for this shot. I must learn to tilt the camera up a bit as I cut the top of the bridge and have a little to much foreground. But it’s pinhole so you live and learn to put up with small framing mistakes.

Film: Kodak T-Max 120 roll film 100 ASA
Dev: Adox Adonal 1:100 stand developed for 60mins at 20˙C Inversions for the first minute and 3 at the half way point.
Scan: Epson V700 using Silverfast SW and a Betterscanning .com Holder with anti-newton glass

Worldwide Pinhole Day

Worldwide Pinhole Day

Union Brygge Drammen.
Taken with my Vermeer 6X17 curved plane pinhole camera. Exposure was 30sec at f/300.
Film Kodak T-Max 100ASA
Stand developed for 60 mins in Adox adonal 1:100 at 20˚C.Inversions for the first minute and 3 at 30mins.
Scanned on an Epson V700

Fiskum Church Pinhole.

Fiskum Church Pinhole.

Taken with the Vermeer 6×17 Curved plane Pinhole camera
Exposure was 25 seconds
Film Kodak T-Max 100asa
Developed in Adox Adonal for 6 mins at 20°C
Scanned via Epson V700 using Silverfast SW

Waterfall in the woods

Waterfall in the woods

Vermeer pinhole camera 2nd try. Living in Norway you are never too far from a river or stream. This one is a short 15 minute drive from my home. I set the Vermeer up on a tripod and took a light reading which was 57 sec and 100ASA .
Not a bad shot considering the weather which was overclouded.

Light measured with Pinhole Assistant App on my iPhone 4s
Film T-max 100 ASA
Developed in Adox Adonal for 6 mins at 20°C
Scanned on a n Epson V700 using a holder and Silverfast software
Post in Siverefex pro 2 and PS CC

Pinhole Package from Poland.


DSC_3963 (1)

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a beautiful handmade Vermeer wooden Pinhole camera, which, are handmade in Poland by Czarek Bartczak .I ordered one the moment I saw it. Pure impulse. I’ve never tried Pinhole cameras before. Nothing like going in at the deep end I thought. In the end I ordered a Vermeer 6×17 curved plane camera, which, exposes 3 6×6 frames at the same time on120 film making a panorama. You get four Images on a 120 roll film. Has an aperture of F/300 and a focal length of 90mm which given the negative size equals around 21 mm in 35mm format.

You have to supply your own take-up spool as the camera comes without one so if you are thinking of buying one don’t throw out your old 120 spools keep at least one. I had plenty lying around so no problem. Loading is just a question of feeding the film from one spool to the next over the curved plane inside the camera. Remember that this camera exposes 3 frames at a time. So when winding on you‘ll need to look for numbers 2,5,8,and11 through frame count window at the back of the camera.

For help with exposure I used an iPhone App Pinhole Assistant. I was able to measure the light and compensate for reciprocity failure* all in the app.
The shot here was a 10 sec exposure. To frame the shot I used a Leica 21 mm viewfinder but you can use your iPhone or just your eyes too. It’s part of the fun. It was shot on TMax 100 asa 120 film developed for 6 mins in Adox Adonal



Click on the image to see it larger


I can really recommend Vermeer cameras Czarek was a pleasure to deal with. I’m saving for another already :0)


Some Links

I purchased my Vermeer here

Reciprocity failure an explanation

iPhone App I use