I took my Leica MP, with me the day I purchased my M9-P. The following are some shots I took that day using T-Max 100asa which had expires in 1997. Exposed at 50 ASA and stand deveolped in Caffenol C L for 1 hour and 10 mins at 20˙C( What can I say, I’m lazy, and wanted to watch the Giro d’Italia at the same time :0). Gentle inversions for the first minute and then three at the half way point.Fix for 5 mins and wash for 10mins no pre-soak.

I used the following recipe (Products in brackets are Norwegian)
500 ml Water
8g Washing Soda (Stabil from Menu)
5 g Vitamin C (Santa Maria from Sweden )
20g Instant coffee (first Price gut rot)
0,5 g KBr

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