I took my Leica MP, with me the day I purchased my M9-P. The following are some shots I took that day using T-Max 100asa which had expires in 1997. Exposed at 50 ASA and stand deveolped in Caffenol C L for 1 hour and 10 mins at 20˙C( What can I say, I’m lazy, and wanted to watch the Giro d’Italia at the same time :0). Gentle inversions for the first minute and then three at the half way point.Fix for 5 mins and wash for 10mins no pre-soak.

I used the following recipe (Products in brackets are Norwegian)
500 ml Water
8g Washing Soda (Stabil from Menu)
5 g Vitamin C (Santa Maria from Sweden )
20g Instant coffee (first Price gut rot)
0,5 g KBr

Portraits in the Snow


Sunday was a beautiful day here in the east of Norway. I got the chance to follow my friend on his rounds up in the woods checking his traps. The thaw is setting in and the snow is getting a little rotten in places and it’s easy to fall though to your knees. I know as I did it a few times. It’s great fun while trying not to get your Hasselblad buried in the snow, while struggling to get out of the hole you’ve made for yourself. Luckily I didn’t bury my camera and I got back to the pick-up without incident.

I’d asked my mate if he wouldn’t mind posing for me and he said we would. At Midstua where we had parked the pick-up there are two cabins. I chose the most weather beaten of the two to use as a background. There was no need for reflectors and such as my subject was surround with the reflector nature had provided for us. Luckily the sun wasn’t too bright and provided enough to light the scene without being too over powering. I set up my camera and shot off a roll of Rollei 80s (We only had time for the one)which later I developed and scanned in the same way I did with the tulip shots I posted last week here.

Here is a poor iPhone shot of the set-up.


And Here’s some of the results

Untitled (10)

Untitled (9)

Untitled (11)


Let me know what you think :0)

Portrait in the Snow

Untitled (9)
Portrait in the Snow, a photo by Davidap2009 on Flickr.

This shot was taken yesterday at Midstua. I was here two weeks ago with my Nikon D800. My mate invited me to join him and this time I took my Hasselblad with me This is the first shot off the roll.
Rollei 80s in Caffenol C-L using Stand development as with the tulips I did a week ago.

Car Cemetery II

Todays shot: This I shot on my trusty F4s with my Nikkor 20mm.
The film I used was Rollei RPX400 which is new to me. I used Caffenol C-L Semi-stand for 55mins with gentle inversions at 2,4,8,16 and,32 mins. Which gave a much better result than the 70mins I tried before(Thanks Eirik) .
This shot is my fav of the day so far. I just love the way the tree has grown through the car. The Car looks quite sad as if it’s pleading for help to remove it .
Have a great weekend :0)