Massey Ferguson

20140907-untitled shoot-6-Edit-Edit

One of the tractors on my Brother-in-Laws farm is a Massey Ferguson. A real classic. I used among other things, Silver Efex Analog Pro wet plate filters and a little PS in post.

Don’t ask me.

20140621-untitled shoot-2-Edit

Apart from fill petrol I have no idea what these guys were up to. This car look barely legal. :0)

Tales from the kitchen sink

20140907-untitled shoot-11-Edit-2-Edit

A candid taken while on a visit to the family farm :0)

Beach Life



I look at this shot just to remind myself that I have had a holiday this year :0)

Telephone Man


…sign of the times. It’s happening on a street near you as you read this . “Other peoples lives”

“My job may be rubbish,”


“…but it’s better than walking the streets.”:0)